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KU researchers land grant to test app that delivers successful self-determination method for students with disabilities

LAWRENCE — Research has shown that when students with disabilities are given ownership in their education and are involved in setting goals for themselves, they have better outcomes.

New AAI center to focus on the intersection of technology, education

LAWRENCE — The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI) at the University of Kansas has announced a new center, Flexible Learning through Innovations in Technology & Education (FLITE), whose mission is to provide an integrated structure for emerging technologies aligned with student and t

Study shows simulator, combined with app, helps teachers correct mistakes before entering classroom

LAWRENCE — When pilots, surgeons or others with high-stakes professions are learning their craft, they have simulators with which to practice.

Distinguished professor's lecture to address self-determination for people with disabilities

LAWRENCE — Research shows promoting autonomy leads to valued life outcomes, but for people with disabilities, barriers to supporting self-determination persist.

KU chancellor announces promotion and tenure for 163 faculty and researchers

LAWRENCE — Chancellor Douglas A. Girod has approved the promotion and award of tenure, where indicated, for 64 individuals at the University of Kansas Lawrence and Edwards campuses and 99 individuals at the KU Medical Center campuses.

Study identifies best ways of helping teachers adopt supports for students with autism

LAWRENCE — Most teachers will work with students with autism in their careers, often not in a separate special education setting. Evidence-based practices exist to help those educators assist students with accessing content and developing skills.

Deck of Spaces, cards designed to maximize educational space usage, spread to schools around the world

LAWRENCE — Playing cards might not be considered a traditional school activity, but the Deck of Spaces has educators thinking about how they can make the most of schools, classrooms and the spaces in which students learn.

KU School of Education & Human Sciences partners with fellow Regent Institutions on professional development opportunity for Kansas educators

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas School of Education & Human Sciences is among seven Kansas Board of Reg

Professors call for further study of potential uses of AI in special education, avoiding bans

LAWRENCE — Artificial intelligence is making headlines about its potentially disruptive influence in many spaces, including the classroom.

Study shows vast discrepancies in autism diagnoses in US, Indian subcontinent

LAWRENCE — The United States and countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are quite different culturally. But the people residing in those nations are not so different that Americans would have double the rates of autism spectrum disorder.

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